The food cart pods at Sellwood Corner & Hawthorne Modern









"Sellwood Corner Food Cart Pod":

"Bent Whisker Sandwich" featuring San Francisco chef-created sanwiches OPEN NOW at Sellwood Corner!

"Russian Horse" at Sellwood Corner serving a classic Ukrainian menu (pirogies and more)!

"Luang Prabang" Laotian-Thai specialties cart at our Sellwood Pod. The most authentic you'll find in Portland plus they're open early to late. Now open at Sellwood until 7:30 pm (or later)!

"Matt & Memere's" New Orleans cajun cuisine NOW OPEN at Sellwood Corner Food Carts!. Bring on the jambalaya!

"Hurry Back Ice Cream" open 6 days a week at Sellwood Corner Food Carts! Made-on-site custom batch ice cream! Still open late (8pm!) & don't pass up the free samples!!!

"Samurai Truck " OPEN NOW at Sellwood Corner Food Cart Pod serving its unique chef-inspired Asian-fusion menu.

"Taqueria Luna" brought to you by Jose & Luna are open every day except Sunday at Sellwood. Welcome back to the quintessential Mexican food cart!

"Hawthorne Modern Food Cart Pod":

"Fine Goose" NOW OPEN on Hawthorne. Serving authenic French classics and already an instant Top PDX Food Cart!

"Holy Mole" Mexican specialties (gourmet chef-style dishes), brought to you by Fernando, open now at Hawthorne!

"Rav Fare" OPEN NOW at the Hawthorne Pod! The unique and varied menu will include 8:00am to 8:00pm DELIVERY!

"Bundy's Bagels" open now on Hawthorne. Bagels made on site! Breakfast too!

Your Cart Wanted! Please contact us regarding opening your special new cart. We can now accommodate food trucks up to 24 feet at our Sellwood location!


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